You're lucky

You're lucky

To the rosy clouds in the western sky

Autumn stroke is full, sings with lots of fruit; Autumn is fruity, sings the round moon. Cixin qiu - yun walk in between the branches and leaves of autumn, feelings such as poetry, "hydrophobic lotus dew drop, willow Yang month". In the endless reverie branches circulation, the autumn and autumn because of the thoughts and memories. Thin and mr.zhou, in full autumn, resolutely "to the rosy clouds in the western sky" woman. 
Mr.zhou thin thin as after the autumn harvest of the field, Dream beauty pro hard sell with dreariness and sadness. Four years didn't close Business Private Network with his "distance", think of these mr.zhou don't know is the cry or laugh, cry, after having smiling mr.zhou would say: use time to sum up experience and too "luxury". Life is short, in the four years, make a farewell posture, mr.zhou the pain in my heart, don't say let it be. 
Mr.zhou years, university students have floated into "harbour". And a butterfly fly alone, still is mr.zhou to colleagues classmates friends relatives to "our" eyes, mr.zhou in the mind also have a little cold. Cold to cold, and one day to live, a person with books, read to go, this is to mr.zhou read "charm". More so than their peers something called "brilliant", this "brilliant", more make the "everyman" hard into her eyes, more long her "fly alone" time. Finally one day, sings with her "brilliant" articles on the Internet for a boyfriend, Dream beauty pro and it is "sea turtles", really surprise her girlfriends. 
First thrill of the appointment, yesterday, rain light of dusk, also no longer appear desolate loneliness, mr.zhou see tree tree and pleasing to the eye out on the road, see water sight, autumn cold day is really good. Poetic dusk of the evening, poetic. Mr.zhou wonder whether his appearance, will smile like a child, were hippies or yuppies, it was "evil" to this guy will be isolated "high". Still think he is also in the ponder yourself, to think of themselves as "beauty", or "without salt woman"? Heart pounding the jumping? Drumming the heart like yesterday, today is already to the rosy clouds in the western sky. 
From that one go this autumn, autumn from the first meeting between the small and returned to the small, everything is so zen, as tho cleverness. Starting point and end point, spent four years drew such a "circle". If the "circle" is a "circle", the complete; If the "circle" is a "zero", is a fruit. Mr.zhou they can define the "circle" is the "circle" or "zero". Mr.zhou to think: if defined as "the circle", excessive far-fetched, is lying to yourself; If Etc wine shop defined as zero, use four years drew a "zero", too cruel. Mr.zhou know think these will only kill brain cells, make lachrymal crowded, not as good as, "I walked lightly, just as I come lightly, I gently waved Dream beauty pro hard sell, the rosy clouds in the western sky". 
When to come, when to go to, to go all by the side of reason. Since former met the beautiful autumn rain, today has been the rustling autumn wind blowing into distant memory, dreamed of fairy tale, failed to come true, that is the "go". Mr.zhou is love reading of woman, she is understand this truth, but she always heart too soft. Some people say that "heart too soft" is good. Actually "heart too soft" is synonymous with "idiot", once the woman moved feelings, must be retarded. For women, emotion and wisdom is a pair of natural enemies. Mr.zhou while reading a lot, but also did not escape "idiot". So, many times the "to" no "to". But everything has a reason, the original has been "to", is in order to get this don't know what to call it "round" or "zero" draw the "perfect" to "circle". 
People live in time, polished, time can let a person come to another person, also can let a person from another person. In the four years of "time" contains many "passage", only mr.zhou know. Mr.zhou is a wise man, she told her to be strong, although she is not so strong HKUE ENG, but mr.zhou must do this. Mr.zhou, since in the four years did not close the so-called "distance", since the fate done, whatever he is "beetle", "silver tortoise" or "sea turtles", all go to hell, this girl is not married. Hence mr.zhou again around "tied to" dazzling eyes. Life is short, sometimes do make do it for a lifetime, and mr.zhou said that life is very long, work too tired. In fact, people want to live to understand, but to live truly understand and have a few people. 
Mr.zhou is back in the days of the butterfly solo dance, and took her book. 
Autumn will go, spring will come, there will always be a piece of grass to mr.zhou lush. 

In the life journey

The meaning of travel is that it allows me to understand life, wrongly, that in this life, we are a visitor, with no need to worry about the bystander is at ease, is full of looking forward to the stranger. 
Remember yourself for the first time in the following post, is to ask students dog no independent economic ability, for the hair is always cut class go run, what can get in travel? After, then those less than 3 minutes. Maybe like you said, the more the more good things no one wants to go to, understand that happiness is to do it, when you know what happiness is what kind of hormone secretion to limit and direct injection and drug use is no different. 
After his back and forth through several cities, have a sense of the copy, not bound to look, not to destination, walking in the familiar but never set foot in the place like every step in the creation history. The fog of war of the small map a little open, to the daily unusual meal, get some delicate adorn article attribute is happy more than + 5. 
Happy the way, to help others to do as a phase as the side quests, accidentally broke into ancient incense unmarked trail map, it must be the winning screenshots as crazy. Life, put aside the responsibility, look forward to, always runaway so enthusiastic. 
The young heart, unavoidably to bear loneliness, hold to wait. When open my eyes in the morning of a kind of life will understand today is how mechanical repetition, hard to avoid some of the idea of running away. Youth day more stimulus, blood of words are always more decent, so we do not restrain impulsive, said go go has become the symbol of young, forget, is not planning a few between point and point, starting from his heart, trying to not try and experience life without sample, alone with yourself, to make up some regret, he inspired the passion of more. 
Vacation occasionally walk in familiar town, is a change of mold and sometimes show once, once that group of people, those things. Living in such a hurry, even can not breath more familiar breath, feel the temperature of the earth. Leaps of high-rise folds the childhood memories. 
Slowly, the city may be more the concept of fuzzy in my hometown, we went to a larger city, the place where we pushed to squeeze more, when asked about his hometown, many people already can't find his place. Then sometimes, travel in their own city, sitting alone, look at the old scratches and also dial the slow part for yourself. 

The British police

Searches of land around the Portuguese resort where British youngster Madeleine McCann vanished in 2007 have turned up no evidence relating to her disappearance, Scotland Yard said.
Portuguese and British investigators on Wednesday concluded an eight-day search of patches of land around the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.
"At this time, no evidence relating to Madeleine McCann has been identified," Britain's Scotland Yard police headquarters said in a statement.
"However, it has given us an essential understanding of the activity on and people that have used this piece of land."
At the British government's request, Scotland Yard launched an exhaustive review of Madeleine's disappearance in May 2011.
Madeleine disappeared from her family's holiday apartment bedroom in May 2007, a few days short of her fourth birthday, as her parents dined with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant.
British detectives received authorisation from the Portuguese authorities last month to search near the resort complex tube amp.
Around 60,000 square metres (yards) of land was searched and surveyed, including 41 "ground anomalies", all utilities, drainage channels and derelict buildings, police said.
The deployment was the largest ever undertaken by British police abroad in such a case marie france bodyline.
"More activity has been agreed and we expect that to commence shortly," Scotland Yard said, while further requests to the Portuguese authorities were being compiled Domestic Helpe.
"There is still a substantial amount of work yet to be completed in the coming weeks and months.
"This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of enquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally."
Graffiti in Portuguese has appeared in Praia da Luz, reading: "English police are stupid", British television showed, saying it hinted at local frustration with the police activity as the peak tourist season approaches.
Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate McCann, who have mounted a high-profile campaign to keep the case in the public eye, said they were being kept updated on the work in Portugal and were "encouraged by the progress" in the investigation.


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