You're lucky

You're lucky

The detention of immigrants

The United States will open its first detention center specifically for mothers recently arriving from Central America with children, hoping to send a message to would-be migrants there is a place to hold them and they will not simply be released.
The facility in rural Karnes County, about 60 miles (100 km) southeast of San Antonio, was shown to the media on Thursday and will start receiving immigrants on Friday. It can house up to 532 adults and children on the 29-acre (12-hectare) site.
Many of the women who cross the border with small children say they have been told they will simply be released - an idea that is false, Enrique Lucero, a regional director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Division of Enforcement and Removal Operations, told reporters.
"The U.S. border is not open to illegal immigration, and after your immediate detention and due process, there is every likelihood you will be returned to your home country," Lucero said after a tour of the facility.
U.S. officials are trying to cope with a recent influx immigrants from Central America, especially children traveling alone and mothers with small children.
The Karnes County Residential Center contains colorful rows of "suites," that house up to eight people, 24-hour medical facilities, a recreation center and a soccer field. Many of the rooms are brightly colored with cartoon designs, to appeal to the children who will make up many of its residents.
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The refurbished facility will house women and children while they wait to see an immigration judge. There are two courtrooms in the facility, as well as rooms where the women can meet with attorneys, either in person or through video conferencing.
The people at the facility, run by the GEO Group, a company that manages prisons, will have an average stay of 23 days, Lucero said. More such facilities are in the works.
"The immigration courts are treating families with children as a priority, so they will be seen prior to anyone else who is in detention," he said.
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Officials did not release the cost of renovating the 2-year-old building, which was once used as a detention center for male immigrants, but they said the cost of housing immigrants there will be approximately $140 a day.

On-demand alcohol-delivery startup Saucey raises $5.4 million more

Saucey, an L.A.-based alcohol-delivery company, has raised $5.4 million in Series A funding led by Bullpen Capital, with participation from earlier and new investors, including Blumberg Capital, Structure Capital and HashtagOne.
Saucey, which has now raised $10.2 million altogether, is competing against a dizzying number of alcohol-delivery companies. In addition to direct rivals like Drizly, Thirstie and Swill, delivery companies like Postmates and Instacart are increasingly focusing on new categories, including alcohol delivery. Amazon is also beginning to offer beer and wine delivery in a growing number of cities.
Some CEOs might find the landscape daunting. In a chat with TechCrunch yesterday, Saucey CEO Chris Vaughn didn’t seem deterred by his company’s many challengers, partly because the market opportunity these companies are chasing is humongous, and partly because he thinks Saucey can become the favorite of regulators in the states where it operates.
We chatted with Vaughn yesterday about the company. Our conversation has been edited for length.
TC: You were working for a series of startups in L.A.; what motivated you to leave and start Saucey?
CV: I guess I caught the tech bug in college, so after school, I wound up going to work for a couple of startups, including a company called textPlus, where I met and became super-good friends with my Saucey co-founders company registration Hong Kong.
As for the idea, my girlfriend at the time — now my wife — is an operating room nurse, and she’d come home and want something to drink. We’d be halfway through dinner and she’d ask, “Can you get some wine?” I found I was always running out to get this stuff, and that maybe 80 percent of the time, it was last-minute, on impulse. I talked about that with Dan [Leeb, now Saucey’s chief product officer] and Andrew [Zeck, its CTO], and they were like, yes, let’s do it .
TC: Were liquor stores easy to convince?
CV: It was fall of 2013 when we got started, and we met with at least 40 to 50 liquor retailers who said no. Finally, a guy in his early 30s who’d inherited his dad’s West Hollywood store said within a minute, “Yeah, that’s awesome.” So we [started working with him]. He was doing about $300,000 a year in sales, and in that first year, we brought him an additional $600,000 in sales.
We were working nights and weekends and eventually made the move and left textPlus. We were doing all the deliveries ourselves. Sometimes, there would be a spike in demand and we’d only realize afterward that, oh, “The Bachelor” season had started.
TC: How many employees do you have today?
CV: We have 25 full-time employees and work with 2,300 couriers cheap home office furniture.
TC: Are these Uber and Lyft drivers and people who drive for other services?
CV: Most have a professional courier background or drive for Postmates or Instacart and are used to interacting with customers and navigating around cities. We spend a lot of time optimizing our courier routes, so the average courier [delivers] substantially more orders than with these other services. When they’re going to the [liquor] store, the chances are they aren’t picking up one order but three or four, so they can be efficient with their time.
TC: How are drivers paid?
CV: On a per-order basis; it’s a flat fee per order, plus a percentage based on how big the cart is. If they’re delivering a big order, they’ll get 50 cents for every additional item in the cart how to register a business.
If we open a new territory or new zone, couriers are still paid per order, but we’ll guarantee an hourly minimum to ensure we have coverage no matter what Limited company Hong Kong.
TC: Do you insure them? 
CV: They bring their own insurance. We also do background checks on everybody.
TC: What about your customers? How do you make certain they’re of legal drinking age?
CV: We require an ID to be checked and scanned on every single order. It doesn’t matter if you’re a super-loyal customer of ours or you’re 100 years old. When you check out, you have to provide ID on delivery. And you have to be the person who placed the order. If someone’s wife answers the door and says her husband [who ordered from Saucey] will be back shortly, we don’t deliver HK VPN.
TC: Do underage people try to game the system? And what happens with product you can’t or won’t deliver?
CV: Not many people try to game the system. We’ve never advertised to colleges or college campuses. Some [of our rivals that] operate on the East Coast tried to fuel that early growth by hitting fraternities, sororities, football games. We weren’t going to do that.
If you do order and you don’t have an ID or passport, you’re charged a service fee of $5.50 and we return the [alcohol] to the store.

Most want to become the next leader of the Labour Party

David Shearer announced he was stepping down from the party's leadership on Thursday, sparking speculation about who will succeed him reenex facial.

His deputy Grant Robertson and Mr Cunliffe, who lost to Mr Shearer in the leadership contest after the 2011 election, say they are keeping their options open hong kong event photo.

Neither would confirm their intentions on Thursday, saying they were going to talk to their colleagues and their families before making decisions Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang.

But late on Thursday evening, Mr Cunliffe was leading the stakes on Victoria University's online predictions market, iPredict.

The probability of Mr Cunliffe becoming the next Labour leader was at 66 per cent, while Mr Robertson was sitting at just under 26 per cen>.

Front-bencher Jacinda Arden was a five per cent probability and former trade union leader Andrew Little was a rank outsider at two per cen.

Meanwhile, the probability of there being a Labour Party prime minister after the 2014 general election has jumped almost eight percentage points, to 47 per cent. The probability of there being a National Party prime minister was at 53 per cent.

The Labour Party will call for nominations within 48 hours and it will take three to four weeks to choose a new leader.

Under Labour's new rules, which have never been tested, caucus has 40 per cent of the vote, party members 40 per cent and affiliated unions 20 per cent.

There will be a road show campaign as the candidates go around the country drumming up support.

A paralyzed political crisis

Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham met earlier with army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and other interim leaders amid an intense diplomatic push to end the stalematesteel storage cabinets.

"Democracy is the only viable path to stability," said McCain, a former presidential candidate, silk ribbon embroidery calling for "an inclusive political process in which all Egyptians are free to participate."

Both lawmakers referred to the military's July 3 removal of Morsi as a "coup," something their government has been reluctant to do as it would have legal implications for the $US1.3 billion ($A1.46 billion) dollars in US aid to Egyptwaterproof iphone case.

"The people who are in charge were not elected, and the people who were elected are now in jail," Graham told reporters.

The senators called for release jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including Morsiwomen clothing styles 2013.

"In a democracy, you have to talk to each other. It is impossible to talk to somebody in jail," Graham said.

"The judicial system will deal with this in the future property in thailand For Sale. Jailing opposition is not the exercise of a legitimate power," he said.

Morsi has been formally remanded on suspicion of offences committed when he escaped from prison during the 2011 revolt that toppled president Hosni Mubarak.

Prosecutors have also set an August 25 date for the trial of the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie and his two deputies.

Egypt's political crisis, sparked by the military's July 3 overthrow of Morsi, has paralysed the country and deepened political polarisation and social divisions.

Morsi loyalists, nu skin hong kong mostly Brotherhood members, say the ouster of the country's first freely elected president violates democratic principles and nothing short of his reinstatement would end their sit-ins.

The interim leadership says there is no turning back on the army-drafted roadmap that provides for new elections in 2014.

More than 250 people have been killed since Morsi's removal.


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