You're lucky

You're lucky

American visa fraud

An Indian diplomat was re-indicted Friday on U.S. visa fraud charges that touched off an international stir after she was arrested and strip-searched last year.
The new indictment, filed Friday, essentially just reinstates the charges against the diplomat, Devyani Khobragade — charges that now arrive with her out of the country. A judge had dismissed last year's virtually identical indictment Wednesday on diplomatic immunity grounds, but left a door open to federal prosecutors to revive the case and they suggested they would nuskin hk.
Khobragade's lawyer, Daniel Arshack, had no immediate comment Friday. He said Wednesday that re-indicting his client "might be viewed an aggressive act and one that (prosecutors) would be ill-advised to pursue."
Khobragade is back in India, and it's unclear when, if ever, she might appear in court in New York again.
Khobragade was a deputy consul general in New York when she was arrested in December near her children's Manhattan school. Prosecutors said she lied to the government to get her Indian housekeeper a work visa, claiming she was paying the maid $500 per month while actually paying her less than $3 per hour. She had pleaded not guilty while also arguing she was immune from prosecution.
The arrest sparked an outcry in India, Secondary School particularly because of the strip-search. The U.S. Marshals said Khobragade was treated no differently than others who are arrested, and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said she indeed was afforded courtesies most Americans wouldn't get, such as being allowed to make phone calls for two hours to arrange child care and sort out personal matters.
Bharara, who is himself Indian-born, also said Khobragade wasn't handcuffed, restrained or arrested in front of her children and was given coffee and offered food while detained.
Still, many in India saw the arrest as deeply disrespectful. Indian officials also said the housekeeper had tried to blackmail the diplomat, which the woman's advocates disputed.
The episode roiled U.S.-Indian relations, with India taking such steps as removing concrete traffic barriers around the U.S. Embassy and revoking diplomats' ID cards. After being indicted, Khobragade complied with a Department of State request to leave the U.S., and the Indian government then asked Washington to withdraw a diplomat from the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. The U.S. complied nu skin.
The Indian consulate in New York did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.
When Khobragade was arrested, U.S. officials said her status as a consular officer provided immunity limited to acts performed in the exercise of official functions. She disagreed, and then, on the day before her Jan. 9 indictment, she got a new appointment that conferred wider immunity.
U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin decided in a ruling Wednesday that the later appointment gave Khobragade immunity when indicted and meant that indictment had to be dismissed Combination House, without settling the question of whether the alleged crimes would have been considered "official acts" covered by the earlier, more limited immunity.
But the judge wrote that there was "no bar to a new indictment against Khobragade," whose immunity ended when she left the country.

June day

The dormitory, silent, leaving only the book still. Suddenly, a cool dark world, balcony, rain waves and waves, floods the campus hot breath, I do not know why the heart is very dull. Suddenly reminded of Su Shi's "the storm" set: "Mo Lin Yesheng play to wear hong kong company register, why Yin Xiao and xu. Better than saddled horse I like sandals and cane? A palm-leaf plaited Cape shall misty weather in life sustain. Chilly spring breeze wine, slightly cold, the sun is a mountain. Looking back at the bleak, return, no rain ", the hearts can not help but sigh. The evening sunset, always can't hide this season when the rain was dim, near night, sacrifice it had the habit of.

Gently turning the memory books, remember the ever fragment. The fingertips of the heart, leaving only the steps of the moss green, still. People often in dilute Yingkong, ivy, precarious, with the well-being of the world.

The rain continued, ink ripples. Rain, can not tolerate a breeze. Heart trembling, I do not know why heart in pain. Heart away, the wind but also dream. The rain was torn, registration of company in Hong Kong torn with youthful dreams, still.

The rain stopped, clear night boundless, bent down to collect in this more sad. This hi a sad thoughts of gains and losses, should tear open, into the ocean of love. Bathed in silence, with a clear tears sacrifice the passing fleeting, entrance, close any floating dreams, Xiao Xiao leaves to cover up, layer by layer, buried in the heart of the end, silent. The ruins, only green moss still, wind and rain erosion, one point one,. Leaving pillars, paragraphs, collapsed, years later, deeply buried.

After the rain, fog filled the air, a fuzzy the campus. Years, a trace only a piece of debris. Sadness, only a feeling of an era. In June, a memory only a mood. Rain, some diffuse only a memory. Sad in June, with a sad mood, memory this rainy June, Business Registry Hong Kong continue to this time, but still can not run aground, youth.

Next time, I want to just pass by, because of, pass by memory too vague, too thin, can pick up already disappear in smoke. This result, now I will not seem so helpless.

A woman's body was found in the outside of Christ

A 59-year-old man has been arrested after the body of a woman was found outside a block of flats in Christchurch.

Police were called to the housing complex in Spreydon about 6.30pm on Saturday.

The woman's body was found outside a block of units and a homicide investigation was launched otter case.

The 59-year-old Christchurch man, who lives in a nearby unit, was found at the complex and was arrested without incident.

He has been charged with assault and will appear in Christchurch District Court on Monday.

Detective Senior Sergeant Brian Archer says it's likely more serious charges will be laid fr4 pcb.

Police are not seeking anyone else in relation to the death label sticker.

The identity of the woman has not yet been confirmed and a scene examination will take place on Sunday.

Organic life need phosphorus

HUMAN LIFE MIGHT never have existed if it were not for elements carried to this planet by meteorites falling from space, it has been suggested.

A major new study has claimed that phosphorus, food wine a key element in the instigation of life, was carried to Earth by meteorites which regularly pounded the planet between two and four-and-a-half billion years ago.

Scientists from the University of South Florida examined samples drawn from earth in the United States, Australia and Zimbabwe.

They believe this phosphorus dissolved in water with other elements native to Earth, formation of company releasing phosphite to form a stew which gave rise to prebiotic molecules – which eventually became the building blocks for all life.

As Science Daily reports, the theory would also explain why new life forms are not observed today – because the particular elements needed to instigate new existence are not arriving on Earth.

“Meteorite phosphorus may have been a fuel that provided the energy, and phosphorus, necessary for the onset of life,” said USF geology professor Matthew Pasek, Asian college of knowledge management who specialises in the chemical composition of outer space and how that may have influenced the origin of life.

“If this meteoritic phosphorus is added to simple organic compounds, it can generate phosphorus biomolecules identical to those seen in life today,” he said.

Sentenced to life in prison

Rex Leverett John Prole, 64, was jailed for life with the minimum non-parole period when he was sentenced in the High Court at Rotorua on Thursday.

As he left court Prole yelled out that his wife was a liar.

He had earlier admitted the murder of his third wife Robyn Prole, 57, dvd to iphone in the driveway of the home they previously shared at Judea, Tauranga on July 29 last year.

The Proles separated three months before the murder and a protection order was in force against Prole.

A previous court hearing had been told Prole spotted his wife collecting her mail from their letterbox and he grabbed a multi-purpose kitchen knife.

He ran out and reached through the driver's window, yelling and grabbing her. He repeatedly stabbed her in the throat, chest and stomach.

She was screaming at him that she loved him and attempted to pull herself away, but Prole continued to stab her.

A neighbour who had seen what was going on yelled at Prole to stop and called the police.

However, ambulance staff were unable to do anything to save Mrs Prole, who died from blood loss from the multiple stab wounds.

Prole later told police he'd become increasingly angry because of the lies his wife was telling them and friends and the protection order had heightened that anger executive gift products.

Sentencing Prole, Justice Kit Toogood noted he had a long list of previous convictions.

These were five for threatening to kill, one of assaulting a female, two of possessing a weapon, and he had breached protection and non-molestation orders six times.

Three psychiatrists' reports found Prole fit to plead but one had believed Prole could be in the early stages of dementia.

Victim impact statements from Mrs Prole's son and sister spoke of the lasting effect the murder had on them Claire Hsu.

The neighbour who witnessed the stabbing is still traumatised.


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