You're lucky

You're lucky

Low Ning shallow sing

Summer, quiet, beautiful, and when the morning ray of sunlight in between heaven and earth, exudes charming light, overlooking the magnificent green, full size fragrance, the beauty of life in a wordless spread. A drop of rain I sing morning, listen to the whispers of flowers twittering, feel the time a static beauty, the million romantic tender in the fingers. Diffuse a wisp of ink, in the years quietly linger, fragrant surplus sleeve Dr Max.

Early in the morning, I lean on the window, feeling of summer morning gently breeze, a green thoughts, along the green road spread. Light twist a know, fine touch of cool. A cup of warm tea, let cool heart precipitation in the tea; write a line of text, to find the true meaning of life in between the lines; express a feeling, for once the lost; through the memory fence, with a heart for one season blossom company formation.

Years fragrance beautiful, quiet beauty of summer, with ink in the clear to listen to the wind, cut a piece of water, time of the events of the past deeply treasure. The past, long stay in the memory of the corner, who is beautiful, is sad, is poor, is happy, is not important, important is to move forward with a cool heart, as long as the heart is simple, the world is simple.

In light of the time, light twist a heart, static holding a know, let a heart with years of flowers, rain days, the flow of feelings; when the wind blows water cool towel, it is a free and easy; listen to the voices of flowers, are the sounds of nature.

I like writing, like to find seasonal calm beauty in the text, in the text in the months and years of experience to blossom. Life love meet, must learn to treasure, it is the fate of the beautiful. The joys and sorrows of life, and human well-being, the margin of whatever is deep, shallow, and your eye contact that moment, is this life the most beautiful meet. Meet and depart in life, fate and Raglan, shallow encounter, deeply hidden, met, to cherish, cherish forever.

Life to learn to smile, as long as the sun had climbed through the window, as long as open tomorrow eyes, gentle eyes, will feel happy. Whether you are living in the bustling city, or the quiet village, light relies on a heart, the years fragrance salvage precipitation. Human society confusion, learn to find happiness in the move, in the lost treasure, light in the darkness, glow in the dark stars although the ray of light is weak, but full of positive energy infinite.

Splendor horizon

When the hibiscus rising out of water, the most bitter lovesick direction. Dancing with the wind, who is with you clear the eyes? Mochizuki and war, who is the broken wings to fly to you? Dormant in having an antique flavour in the courtyard of the pupil of the eye flower arrangement, blink of an eye, but deduce a little love. Lost in this feeling of eyes, you take off the shackles, the pure dance,. It is an independent romantic era , the air is filled with young and frivolous.

It was a wild laughter, what you give is your life. If I have such an outcome, the butterfly yo, in the bright sunlight, will see you as a smile? Life does not understand the acacia, Acacia Acacia will, to. But young wings can not fly out the deep courtyard. Little butterflies fly, flowers has become a beautiful mistake,

Finally, the clouds occupy the clear sky alexander hera wedding, the rain soaked butterfly wings. The red 喜轿 bleak butterfly eyes, songqin team before the grave of a stand alone in desolation. Two lines of clear tears, merged into an eternal legend. The Millennium butterfly lovers, the rest will not only a butterfly fly story. Sit quietly on the lawn, watching the horizon such as lower blood, heart, think of the distant past.

That year, whether you also so hurt? Get up and go home, the wind up, left the desolate. Ears came the cheerful music, but still fill this millennium moved nu skin hk. A pale crescent moon, do not know when to hang on the distant willow. The howling to evening breeze, flying a few hazy butterfly. Don't understand --

I am Liu to he is the wind

The spring wind, and warmth. I am a small green willows, standing in a little pond. Feel the wind temperature, see my branches waving in the wind <a href="http://bartct.mysinablog.com/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=4498745" style="color:#333333; text-decoration:none; ">g-suite cardinal manchester</a>, the wind makes me full of the feeling of envy. So I wanted to see what the wind grew!
The pond is green, when wind passes by, a ripples Dangqi, microwave. I dance for joy, the wind really pretty long, the layers of ripples water under the faint with wave dance.

The wind caresses the grass, grass was low at the waist, to salute the wind respectful. The wind is respectable! The wind blows, with a burst of sweet voice rate, ah! The wind is a musician!

The pond on me, I'm a little willow! From the heart of the dream, the dream that the horse hollow wind stop for me, he is handsome, he is talented, he made me love!

I wish finally in a willow catkins fly day implementation. The wind around me, my cashier with flying all over the sky. My excitement, my gratitude, my mood with wicker dancing. I felt the wind temperature, gentle, let me happy, let me fall in dreams don't want awake. His touch is my most beautiful look, this life I love, love the warm soft meaning, my heart deep into the wind to my romantic there, can not extricate themselves my tiny willow, deeply in love with the wind and wind, uninhibited.

The hot summer, the wind is a day of rest. This summer is my most happy moments, the gentle wind I have the experience deeply <a href="http://www.makeup-place.com/contact.html" style="color:#333333; text-decoration:none; ">nu skin hk</a>. His touch like, gentle to not touch, just like in the romantic fantasy, let my little willow this line, in this dream you don't want to.

Cicada shout oneself hoarse calls, because had the wind company, I also like intoxicated, the concert like I know, wind around the! Scorching sun, I do not feel the heat, the wind is on my side, for me cool, our romantic continued, I constantly revel in the temperature in the wind!

Whenever I see pedestrians pass by, hot and sweaty. My heart is very proud, I'm not hot, I have the wind! The pond is not a ripple, level as a mirror to shine my shadow, I green willow leaf, because the wind company, more and more green dicui. To the toilet, I will use my best makeup, the wind on my love without regret! Oh, the wind will accompany me in the side, I feel his presence, his gentle still makes me want to stay.

Autumn is a season of maturity. I see a golden fields in the distance, the bright color is a beautiful scenery in this field. I love to read, it is the wind! Because of the wind, I am proud of! Countless flowers for his bow, because I have this worry, worry because those beautiful flowers, let the wind out of my gentle! Silly smile, wind on my passion is still! I always feel that his gentle touch, which I always very intoxicated!

I'm happy watching the wind blow - side, sometimes with me playing a rotating, uttered a cry of joy and laughter, and toward the fly, where dance for me! My happiness is full, it is because of the existence of the wind!

Sometimes I'll dance with my branches, and with the wind in the harvest season of happy dance! Also their green leaves and the sky fluttering, like happy note, in our side sway! I love, I love the wind dance, it is a symbol of our love!

The cold winter is coming, my harp song, let me lost past romantic, watching my bare arms, I am cold, I ask the wind bring warm for me, see him cry in the field, the first time I felt the wind cruel. Very afraid, afraid of him to my call out, he revolved in my bare branches, with cold eyes looked at me, like a lamb to be slaughtered. Through his ravaged by his destruction have flowers, even the silence of the earth are not let go. Shudder with fear me, <a href="http://www.lvyou-hk.com/public.html" style="color:#333333; text-decoration:none; ">g-suite</a> winded winded winded in, want to hide in a wind can't reach. However, wind is omnipresent, I despair and anyone can see! No tears, what is the wind can not tolerate, didn't see the pond water, the wind of the layers of waves.

I begged the wind let me, I have nothing! The wind is more to my cruel entanglement, I this small willow, how the wind roar, I saw the roots exposed to the wind's eyes, the wind grin, become my permanent nightmare!

I slowly down, looked at the roots of naked in the cold wind, fundamental to our survival was lost last station, my unwilling also along with the wind of love and hate feelings disappear in smoke!

Our dream

The night began to dim. A night most people miss someone, missing that mountain, the thought that water, miss home, also can realize that kind of thinking, looking for state. Even so, but more let a person lonely day. Day light is always a kind of strength, a kind of unspeakable power, let alone afraid, afraid of "light, afraid of the surrounding a warm affection, afraid of being happy smile! Only in the night a man opened a small yellow light, began to feel the warm light spilled in the room, also sprinkle on himselffashion women clothing wholesale!

Lonely, lonely miss home; in fact, not lonely, not lonely and homesick. In addition to their hometown parents let Miss, what else can miss? Do not know, really do not know. To miss, then to love, such as Ai Qingyan "why my eyes are always full of tears, because of love this land so deep". Tongren I love you? You are the land of what? As we sow, dream, to cultivate happiness soil for us? You are not able to bring you people ah. Do you have a celebrity? I searched in the Baidu there, came to the conclusion that "Tongren is famous, is not knownManaged Cloud!"

Many of my friends to the local non celebrity doesn't care, only care about their own good. In fact, not knowing the local non celebrity, can reflect the local economy and culture, can also be reflected in their own piece of land has many good opportunities nuskin hong kong.

Summer vacation home, brother said: "fuck, local small wawu! Local small, but there are a few guys who were, try a gun in marshland night (gun)! Get out of here, you don't want to come back". Yeah, barren hills and turbulent rivers out Diao people! Wuling mountainous part of the Miao people of homemade revolver, some time ago to Chongqing is pistol pointing head beaten in the order of the Phoenix travel! But the Wuling Mountain, you are still my hometown ah, I have unlimited attachment to you! I don't want to drift, I want to have a home, a home in Wuling Mountain area香港家政中心.

Every girl in the TV shampoo, I think of Tongren green city Jinjiang, think language affectionate girl, think of Wuling mountain of the mountains. But think of the pain penetrating heart and lungs, broken miss only.

Tongren, my dear hometown, when you get rich, what time do you like North Canton have so many opportunities, or what we can let you like North wide general!

That mountain, the water, the man. Cut a section of time flows slowly, into the moonlight slightly undulate.

Deep in the heart of the narrow angle

Simple, the original can also is this finger time, quiet quiet, a sad melody of single cycle, just, I shut the gate, a binocular, reading the story of othersManaged Security.

Zhang Xiaoxian said, with a kind of taste, is not easy to change. But like silence, is the love of his soul, lonely but don't love story, quiet but not lonely. When the sun is projected into the eyes, the flying of the ups and downs, draw a circle, quiet in the afternoon, I saw the sun warm color, junichi. In fact, I am also a ray of the setting sun shining, once, but a wrong place nuskin hk.

Too far, too far. Recall the past too far, too, had to learn to walk out of sad, but like the taste of life in silence. Mobile phone, very few have rings, has not stopped over a long time, is thrown at random on a bed in the corner of the disgraceful, consumption, still too lazy to recharge, even online recharge. Every few days to run a mobile phone to check email, security room, into a completely useless. When leisure, still quiet stand in the sun, watching close to sunset in a daze, no one will bother you, heart, also can walk for a long time, come back againwomen clothing online.

I heard, Baiyun lost a seed, white particles, no light without China, the time was hidden inside, just cut open, quiet will flow out. Once folding wings of dream, has forgotten the flying pain, a blank page, still waiting for the pen to fill in.

Love dreaming of age, but accidentally injected. Others playing music, I was catching Baiyun sad whereabouts, a lens, frame into eternal scenery. Walking trails, only when the tree is a tree, a flower is a flower, the fleeting time story, resplendent past. An ordinary day, some ordinary life, indifferent to life, not once.

Sometimes, sorrow is just a habit. Open the document, read a verse, immersed in the sad atmosphere is sentimental. Who's to say, the sad person not to see the sun, only in the dark wandering thoughts? Every day, I will open our arms to embrace the sun warm, kiss, I just too quiet, only to let others see apathy, read sad. The day is like this, without carving, is himself, and that the true, only oneself know.

Have questioned myself many times, still no answer, if can end up wandering, choose a place to live, what would choose where to. The world, the wind, the rain stayed, white clouds drift in place, there is no one to take home, wandering adventitious heart. Has clear sky, Lu also gradually clear, you are not in the plan. Because, I choose to travel alone, a person, read all the scenery, and then written into the life intravenous drip.

No one remember the years, more beautiful than the account. Pen and paper on time, and the shadow of life, in the beautiful words, jumping in the life. The process of landscape, you in the back, I in the forward, the staggered line covered with Equinox flower enchanting, the landscape is not met, the memory also returned to the fleeting time, good and beauty, but was once.

When you read the story, I think that read, in fact, you just read my shadow. Crime time, steal too much, I am quiet looking at the page, projection, the sun, ninety degrees of some light, sad taste.


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